DIY Hard Nails

Midnight Rose (Color Changing)

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  • No chip, Minimum 14 day high gloss wear. Protects your nails from breaking easily.

  • Professional grade gel polish that can Easily be used at home. Free Nail Guide BONUS: Salon Secrets for DIY Gel Polish.

  • No dry time needed! Cures (hardens) with any brand of high quality UV or LED nail lamp.

  • Easily goes on like nail polish, Protects like Hard gel, Soaks off in minutes. Can be worn with other brands of gel polishes.

  • "Midnight Rose" - This unique color changing gel polish fades from creamy red rose color to a deep purple (blurple) giving an ombre look as the color changes throughout the day. It even looks better on than it sounds. Skip all the effort required to create a classy ombre look and use this one easy-to-use gel polish color.

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