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By tm101 on July 18, 2014

Color Name: Heartbreaker - Color Changing Ombre Verified Purchase


Saw this polish on and had to try it! I got Heartbreaker. I've used color changing polish before, but not gel polish. I wasn't sure how responsive it would be to change in is absolutely amazing. Putting it on was a breeze (I used my Gelish top and base). It was black in the bottle and on the brush but turned pink as I applied it. It was a little hard to see if I was getting any on my skin, but really had no issues. I used maybe 2.5 coats for opacity. The glitter was not sparse and didn't require any dabbing to get an even appearance. The color change is so prominent and immediate. Can't wait to order more colors, it is truly unique!


By Melissa L. on June 22, 2014

Color Name: Glowing Lavender Verified Purchase


I had to by this polish immediately after seeing it on! I have several other color changing gels but nothing as unique as these from DIY polish. I purchased Pink Frost and it is so beautiful on, the cool color is a vibrant hot pink and the warm color is a very pale pink almost clear color. There is both small glitter and hexagon glitter that looks beautiful with both shades. The application is flawless, it wears well and soak off was easy as well. Love everything about it and I am back today to buy more! Following you on Pinterest as well and I will try to get some pics on there as well.


My new favorite polish!

By Funkensteen on July 3, 2014


Color Name: Pink Frost (Color Changing OMBRE) Verified Purchase

I just got my polish today (early) and I put it on right away. It went on evenly, only needed 2 coats and didn't shrink back on me. When warm its a frosted clear/white with a range of fine to medium glitter and larger hexagonal glitter to match. When cold, the polish turns a bright fuchsia. It's almost a jelly but with more coverage, I can just barely see my nail line through it when it's warm. I found this on Chickettes site, she has some great swatch pictures of the Pink Frost and the Pink Galaxy colors.


By Tanya on July 22, 2014

Color Name: Base Coat

I purchased the color changing Pink Frost after reading about it on It is fun to wear and pretty in both colors ("warm"/milky/clear and "cold/hot pink") glittery colors. I used with my gelish foundation and top. Very easy to apply...crazy to see it come out of the bottle in hot pink and instantly disappear (turn to clear) on the nail when applied! My kids think it is amazing and are always asking to see my nails to see what they are doing at the moment!


Thank you so much!

By kjaojoco91 on July 21, 2014

Color Name: Classic Galaxy - Color Changing Ombre

I ordered two of the changing polishes in Classic Galaxy and Heartbreaker after seeing Andrea's post on and both of them are absolutely AMAZING!!! The consistency is smooth and it goes on evenly without any complications. My friends have caught me staring at my nails because i am just so amazed at how fast they change colors. Please PLEASE come out wit more spectacular ombre combinations!! <3



Fast delivery, loving this product

By Angie on July 15, 2014

Color Name: Pink Galaxy (Color Changing Ombre) Verified Purchase

I order this on a Thursday and it arrived Monday, 2 days before my expected delivery date. Already this was a great start. I couldn't wait to use the polish! Let me tell you this is my first thermal polish and the fact that it's a gel polish is bonus. I get to rock this polish for a solid 2 weeks. I love watching the colors change between from dark purple to pink. I can't stop staring at my nails!